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  • 09/23/14--19:53: Windows Patch cannot apply
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    I have one problem with patch management. Client cannot apply patch. It alway show retrying and pending

    Although I installed patch manually. But it still showed on list

    How can we fix this problem? Please see attacment for more detail


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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hello guys,


    I don't know which informations you exactly need to maybe help me in this case. So I share everything I can.

    We already used T440 and Ghost to boot via PXE and image it with our customized image.

    We received our new delivery which are BIOS updated. The old BIOS version was GJET76WW (2.26) and the new BIOS version is now GJET78WW (2.28).

    In the new BIOS version I receive the errormessage "Cannot create a File Preservation Metadata File at path ".".

    I hope you can help me.


    Thank you.

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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution



    We recently upgraded Altiris to 7.5 and I noticed that there has been some changes in IT asset management regarding software products,licenses and purchases.

    Previously under Manage>Assets you created a Software product, Software license and Software product and made a link between those. So Software Product > Software License > Software Purchase. If i recall correctly when you went to Software Catalog and selected the product, you were able to see in Software Purchases under Licenses tab, but now it doesnt show anything ?? Lincense report shows everything correctly so the association really is there.

    Also i noted that if I create a new software product from Manage > Asset , im not able to see that in software catalog ( i have checked the Include pre-defined software products )

    Is this normal behaviour ?

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  • 09/24/14--07:01: Site server on 2012
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    We have started deployingg some server 2012 boxes - woo hoo! I am creating a new site and was thinking of making the site server a 2012. As a seasoned victim of upgrades and installs with CMS I just want to make sure its supported and theres no gotchas that will give me headaches for weeks to come? So my question is,  Is it OK to sintall site server on server 2012 ?

    p.s. running CMS 7.5 HF5




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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    How is one supposed to know inventory is not updating?

    Is one supposed to check computers randomly to verify the data?

    Is one supposed to verify all the data?  If I'm verifying all the data, what is the point of the Inventory Solution?

    The data hash problem described in this article can be found weekly with various client.  Is this normal?

    How can I rely on the data?

    What is your experience with Inventory data?  Are you verifying accuracy?  If so, how do you ensure it is accurate.

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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Is there a way in a workflow for one to pull the last comment (or comments in general) on a ServiceDesk incident?

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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    hi please anyone know how to fix this problem it seems we have a hard time to reset the password

    Failed to connect to server. Make sure that the server is running and your session has not timed out.

    here the current log:

    2014-09-25 14:32:18.268 SEVERE: ================== Server Environment ===================
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.269 SEVERE: = Windows Server 2008
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.269 SEVERE: os.version = 6.0
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.269 SEVERE: os.arch = x86
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.269 SEVERE: java.version = 1.6.0_14
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.269 SEVERE: java.vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc.
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.269 SEVERE: = Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.270 SEVERE: java.vm.version = 14.0-b16
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.270 SEVERE: java.home = C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\jdk\jre
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.270 SEVERE: catalina.home = C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\tomcat
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.270 SEVERE: java.user = null
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.270 SEVERE: user.language = en
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.270 SEVERE: = US
    2014-09-25 14:32:18.270 SEVERE: scm.server.version = 11.0.6005.562

    We do this step already:

    1. resetting resetpass.bat

    2. Look for port 8005, change the port to another unused port:


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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi Folks..

    We have Symantec PC Anywhere installed on our managed network (Part of C2k Network in N. Ireland) but at the moment, it is set in such a way that a user at the other end has to accept the connection.

    Is there a way of setting the system up that it allow me to log onto the computer if noone is logged onto it but requires accepting the connection if someone is logged on.

    As it stands, it works fine if someone is at the other end but if there is nobody at the other end to accept the connection, Remote Access is useless to me which kind of defeats the purpose for me as I need access to fix/install software.

    Many thanks

    Declan Barry

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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    We plan on migrating a new domain into our existing AD. Would pcA be able to migrate user profiles from the workstation/old domain to a new PC in the new domain.?  We will just be rebuilding the PC's in the new domain and not migrating it.


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  • 09/25/14--04:38: Latest IE Not Supported
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    We are on ITMS 7.5 and have IE 11. While opening SMC, we still see the same old message saying you are on unsupported browser and downgrade to 7, 8 or 9. And for obvious reasons, there are certain functionalities which do not run on this unsupported browser.

    Is there a way to work out on this, except of downgrading the browser?

    Is there a reason why Symantec has not been able to get console supported with latest browsers?

    Is anybody out there facing similar challenges?

    I have also tried on latest Chrome, still same.

    Please advise.


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  • 09/25/14--06:05: Firewall Detection
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I created a policy that turns the firewall on and adds rules for Altiris. Is there a way to create a detection with Altiris to double check this is working for each computer? I tested on multiple machines and the policy works, but the policy keeps the computer in the list even though the firewall is on. I would like to have a detection set so that the policy can say you already have the firewall on, I'll remove you from the list. Let me know if this is possible or not.

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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I am receiving a message in my SMP 7.5 SP1 test environment when attempting to open the edit resource page in Asset Management Solution.



    I found the following KB article that talks about this problem and how to fix it, but the fix did not work for me.

    I do not have this issue with IE10 or IE11 installed, but do have this issue with IE9 installed and running in compatibility mode (which is supported according to the documentation available).


    Has anyone seen this issue?  Do you know how to fix it?


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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Using Altiris patch mgmt 7.5, I need to uninstall an update that was installed as part of a bulletin.  How can I just uninstall that bulletin on all machines it was installed on?


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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    Is there a way to change the patch repository on site server to a file server?

    I believe this can be done on NS: Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Core Services and change "Software Update Packages Location"

    How can we accomplish this on package server?




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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hello again!


    What is the maximum number of clients that a specific task (run of script, agent installation, etc..) will take when it is running?

    Client is requiring to configure it as a default setting for all task and not via groupings or filter.. 



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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Im trying to port an workflow from 7.1 to 7.5 and the problem is that "MySQL server provider" is gone, so first sted is to change evry query in the integration to connect using ODBC and that was not a problem but now some queries failes with errors like:

    ERROR [42000] [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver][mysqld-5.6.10-log]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '?hasMinsat )' at line 1 

    But the workflow validates and I can run the querry from the integration and then I see that the line I try to add is added.

    I removed the input parameter for "hasMinsat" in the integration saved, rebuilt and then opened the workflow, saved and closed the workflow then I opend the integration again and readded the "hasMinsat" parameter again, saved, rebuilt and then opened the workflow and got the following error:


    as you can see the variable is of type Logical in the help for the integration querry you can see that the querry wants a boolean for its parameter but I get an error that the variable is of wrong type.

    Conclution it's not posible to cast a Boolean to a Boolean :-)

    It is woth to notice that the hasMinsat is stored as a tinyInt in the db and that have worked when using "MySQL server provider".

    Any sugestion on how to solve this, I can not change the type in the database as that would require changes in other applications as well.



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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    I'm trying to create a Dialog Workflow that will take input from a form and create an asset in the CMDB.

    Asset Workflow.PNG

    This workflow works as expected when I set the Resource Type to Asset in the component Create Resource for SMP as I can select my newly created resource as shown below

    Asset Workflow2.PNG

    However, when I try to set the Resource Type to Monitor in the component Create Resource for SMP I am then unable to use the created resource in the Set Location for Asset Component

    Would anyone be able to suggest a method for setting the location of a "asset" regardless of it's type? If you are able to provide an example then even better ;)




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  • 09/26/14--05:14: Overdeployed licenses
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Is it true that if SEPM Enterprise is licensing is in  over deployed status that the cloud base insight reputation detection will not work on the overdeployed computers?


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  • 09/26/14--07:28: Bloquer Clé USB
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Bonjour, J'aimerai savoir s'il vous plait comment bloquer les clés USB depuis le manager de Endpoint sans toute fois bloquer les périphériques USB (souris, claviers, adaptateur wi-fi). Je sis dans l'attente de la solution. Merci



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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    Is there a more efficient way to do this?  I am building a request form that has more logic than I am used to with Workflow.9-26-2014 9-09-36 AM.png

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