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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    This article explains how you can find Workflow documentation on the Symantec Knowledge Base. It also includes a table with links to the the 7.1 MP1 documentation.

    To find most Workflow documentation on the Knowledge Base

    1. Browse to the Symantec Knowledge Base at the following location:
    2. In the header of the page, navigate to Support > Supported Products A - Z.
    3. On the Supported Products A - Z page, click Workflow Solution. This will bring you to the Workflow documentation landing page. For each release, Workflow documentation is posted at this location.
    4. To find content, you can either search or browse. To search, enter a search term in the search box and click the arrow button. Alternately, you can click each of the documentation type headings (Documentation, How To, Release Notes, Known Issue) for a complete listing of content under this category.


    Below you can find a reference table to the Workflow 7.1 MP1 documentation.

    Release Notes
    Installation and Configuration Guide
    User Guide
    Component Guide

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Deployment Console Version 6.9 (Build 453) Service Pack 4

    Created simple image of Windows 7 64Bit Enterprise and when I manually install the DAgent the PC reboots, renames itself and removes itself from the domain.  This used to happen whenever I would try to remotely install the AClient to any XP machine.

    Not sure whats going on here but any help would be appreciated.

    More info:  Client is NOT on image and machine is not sysprepped to join to domain.

    Thank you.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    If a 7.5 Servicedesk is setup with a 7.1 sp2 SMP will it be an issue in the future when the SMP is upgraded?

  • 11/07/12--16:39: Prompt for Username and Password (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Is there a way to prompt for an AD username and password on the client end during the WinPE step?

    We want to stop users PXE booting accidently and the PC being rebuilt, without having to log in some way.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Been starting to deploy Windows 7 64Bit Enterprise on some of the computers here at my company.

    I have been installing the DAgent on each machine and if a user is logged in, I can take control of that machine.

    The problem is, if no user is logged in or if I have to log off the user that I am controlling so I can log in with admin rights, I lose the console to the machine.

    Remote Desktop works but I cannot use Remote Desktop to see what the user doing.

    If no user is logged into a WIndows 7 machine, I can see the machine in my Deployment Console but when I try to take control the window always says "Not Connected"

    Using 6.9 SP4.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi all,

    I'm working on an automated reboot script and am having a very hard time finding out where in the database I can find the marker for a computer requiring a restart due to recent patches.  If you go to the Patch Management screen and select the link "Computers Requiring Restart" you can see the kind of data I'm looking for.

    Anyone figure this out yet?


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Where is the table in cmdb that lists the vendors for patch management?


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    We are monitoring our windows servers using monitoring solution V7.1 SP2.

    We need to get the uptime report of the servers everyday/weekly/monthly,etc.We need to know how to exclude the server from monitoring if i need to do some scheduled reboot on the server,also the uptime report excluding the scheduled downtime of the server.

    Thanks in advance

  • 11/08/12--09:49: PAtch Management (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Good afternoon,

                  I am in the process of pacthing windows servers in my enviornment. However, once the patch is pushed I am looking for the most comprehensive way to create a report including the status of the push with server info included. Is that possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi All,

    when I try to open a new windows with a change (example: CM-000001) the most of the times I get an error loading the attachments. Instead of show me the  documents, it display an error that says "Exception: Error execution sql query".

    The log displays the following message:

    Error executing sql query. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding

    I know the log says that the server is not responding, but it happens only in changes, not in incidents (when I open an incident it displays the attachments).

    Hope you can help me, thanks. I attach some images.


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi Folks,

    In DS 7.1 a customer of ours has created a package. After creation another administrator logs into the console and tries to edit the package source. But he cannot edit it because it's grayed out. Same thing with Package location. There is also a mysterious entry in package source. "Access package from a specifically set up package server". You cannot set this manually to other packages because it's not an option. Furthermore it's not documented in help. Does anyone have a clue what this is supposed to mean and why the setting could be grayed out?

    Thanks in advance!

  • 11/08/12--12:16: Site Servers and Subnetworks (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    We are still planning and deploying Altiris and I have some questions.   In one physical building, the LAN is subnetted into 5 different networks.  I have run into a problem with Wake on Lan and Multicasting across those VLANs.  My supervisor suggested we create a site server for each network.  Does Symantec have a best practice on this?  In other words, is it recommended to a site server for each network or do I spend my time on the Cisco side getting multicasting, etc. working?  Thanks.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    I have a group of windows xp users and they have to upgrade their computers to win7 to use ie9 because of a website which only works with ie9

    is it possible with symantec workspace virtualisation (or any tools with CMS 7.1) to give them a IE9 icon on their desktop?


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hello all,

    If someone could direct me to a previous thread on this item I will look there. Two scenarious;

    1st - Cable modem into a Netgear wireless router and into the host. The wireless router is passing out dynamic IP's to the clients, but I need to get through the cable modem/internet to reach that dynamic IP. When I am on the wireless network I can get through using the Dyn IP no problem, but once on the internet I cannot get through. Is there a simple answer to this problem? 

    2nd - Same situation but using the internet to access through SureWest Wireless Router. The router is giving IP's out but I need to access through the router on the internet in order to get to these Dyn IP's.


  • 11/08/12--18:41: Altiris Agent installation 7.1 (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi All,

    Tomorrow i'm going to push the altiris agent.exe from third party deployment software to 4000 machines, in single shot.

    once the altiris agent installed, agent will try to communicate with Altiris server, since bandwidth is very less.


    i would like to know once the alritis agent installed, while agent communicate with Altiris server, what would be the packet size of the first communication.




    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    Editing a servicedesk workflow with designer installed on ServiceDesk Server, I got this error



    Any Idea Why?

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I have pcAnywhere version 12.1 and when I connect to my 64 bit Windows 7 PC I can't get past the lock screen.  It does nothing when I click the Send Ctrl + Alt + Del button.

    Is there something I need to do other than buy a new version of pcAnywhere?




    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Now, I may have caused this but am not sure. When the email monitor ingests an email with "New Incident" in the subject line, the email becomes a ticket however it doesn't assign it to any service queue, not even the Service Manager's queue. I don't know if this was casued because I changed the name of the default queue or not. Does anyone have any ideas? Is this actually the expected behavior, that an incident get fully created but not actually assigned to any queue? I also don't see a rule for it in automation to be able to assign them there.


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hello All,

    I'm currently stumped on a problem that i just recently ran across while building a new image for my company.  Let me run through the steps of my image creation and then let me conclude with the problem i am having.  

    I started by building the base of the image using Windows 7 x64 Enterprise Edition. I installed all software required by my company, (MS Office, Adobe Flash, Acrobat, Java.

    From there i installed the altiris agent on the system so that it can update itself to the current patch level.  After that i installed the automation partition on the computer.  

    I removed the altiris agent from the computer using the /clean command and deleted the registry entries and the program file entries. the machine GUID is completely off the system 

    I superposed the system and and included a script to install a fresh altiris agent as a first run command.

    On first boot after sysprep everything runs smoothly and the new agent is installed.  After all agents including the deployment agent is installed I can send several task including a regalia "reboot" command to it, but when i send "Reboot to Automation" Command it fails with error 1.  The automation partition is still there and I can manually boot to it on restart by selecting it in the boot menu.  

    What am i missing, I've tried reinstalling the automation partition through policy and it installs with no issues.  But it still wont reboot to automation.


    Any Suggestions?

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I need to hide the "Account" link on the ServiceDesk portal page as we do not want our users to make any changes to their account in ServiceDesk.  ServiceDesk gets sync with AD each night so any changes to the account is done in AD and not in ServiceDesk.  We are currently using ServiceDesk 7.1 SP2 verson.  I have search in KB and also in ServiceDesk but did not find anyting which will help me. 

    Any help is appreaciated.




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