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  • 04/04/14--22:44: license in altiris (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    How to check the license information from Altiris Manager?

  • 04/04/14--22:56: altiris agent deploy (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    How can i deploy the altiris agent from manager?

    Non, je n'ai pas besoin d'une solution (je partage des informations seulement)

    Hello all,

    If any of you are thinking about replacing WPS then Symantec's recommendation will usually be Flexera's AdminStudio.

    I would like to make you aware of Raynet's packaging product called RayPack as another alternative.

    You can sign up to evaluate it at this site:-

    This product has had input from a number of current and ex-WISE users and consultants, and has received some good feedback from attendees of its recent five city roadshow.

    I hope you enjoy reviewing this product if you choose to do so.

    Feel free to mention my name if you like when you register.

    Scott K.

  • 04/07/14--13:07: Laptop close lid power settings (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    What is the best way to configure power options for laptops/desktops?  I have my base image in Hyper V and there are no options to setup the power configuration options for laptops such as lid closing-do nothing, power button-shut down, sleep-do nothing.


    Any help is appreciated.







    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hello all,

    I'm having an issue adding software to the software library in Altiris 7.1.  When I go to the Import Software and click the ADD button I receive an error:

    "Missing required Permissions manifest attrirbute in main jar:"

    I don't even have the option to select a package.  This was working for me in the past but not something we use often.  Any suggestions on resolveing this issue.  Thanks for the help.



    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I am trying to check if a Registry Key exists using the 'System Search' funciton in Wise.

    The Key doesn't have any consistent Values that i can check against, except for the '(Default)' Value, so i a trying to use that as the 'Value' setting in Wise.

    The way i am doing this is:

    1. First creating a Property called 'BITTEST' with a default value of '1'. Screenshot
    2. Then in the System Search area, i am doing a search for a raw value in the registry key and setting the Property i created with the Value. Since the only Value that exists under that Key is the (Default) one, in the 'Value' field, i leave it blank (based on other articles i have read online) Screenshot
    3. If i manually browse to the registry Key using Regedit, i can see that the 'Default' Value is empty Screenshot
    4. Therefore, when i run the Wise package and check the log file, i would expect that the default value for the 'BITTEST' Property would change from '1' to either '0' or blank (not sure what should happen in this case). However, when i test this, the Property doesnt change from the default and stays at '1'Screenshot

    Am i doing this the wroong way? Is there are better/correct way to do what i need?

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution



    Is there way to create static filters via scripting or sql query?


    We are currently importing a large number of packages to CMS 7.5 and we need to create filters for install/uninstall of each application.


    Many thanks.


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi all,

    a while ago I asked how to add support groups to the default assignment list. This worked like a charm, but now my collegues ask me to add their name to this list and I have not yet found how to do that. I presume that I will have to go to the SD.IncidentEscalation workflow and on Model:Primary I will open the Declarations component. But from here I do not know what components to add and what the configuration is.

    Is there anyone that can help me with this? We run SD 7.1.

    Thank you

    Kind regards


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    there is a known issue with pcAnywhere that broadcast addresses cannot be used.

    How to disable the network browse functionality when trying to connect to a Host whose IP addres ends with .255

    However today I saw the same behaviour for a network ID address.

    Let's say one uses addresses and a subnet mask.

    So there is a range - with as network address and as broadcast address.

    One client has got the address from DHCP. When the helpdesk guy tried to connect to that client the address has been recognised as class C network ID address and therefore a selection of all active hosts in that class C range is displayed.

    Did anyone see that before?

    I look forward to your replies.

  • 04/08/14--08:26: Audit Software Search Report (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Can anyone shed some light on why this is showing the same exe 3 or more times per PC?  Even with the exact same path?





    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Does anyone know if there is a way to close all tickets regardless of status? I'd like to close these so that I can migrate them over to servicedesk.


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    The short version of my question is this:  Has anyone investigated the use of Microsoft Branch Cache in conjunction with ITMS.  Specifically for use on package servers accross a WAN link?

    More info:

    For those unfamiliar, BranchCache is a wide area network (WAN) bandwidth optimization technology that was introduced with Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2.  To optimize WAN bandwidth when users access content on remote servers, BranchCache allows local servers or clients to retain and share content from HTTP or SMP shares in WAN locations.  This allows client computers at branch offices to access the content locally rather than over the WAN.

    We have been investigating the use of BranchCache for WAN file shares with the intention of eliminating the use of local file servers in some branch locations.  Those file servers are also Altiris package servers.  I have reviewed the requirements for Branch Cache and in theory, we should be able to enable Branch Cache on some back-end site servers and branch machines will be able to take advantage of this.  I realize that certain requirements must be met such as Windows Enterprise vs Professional on the clients and configuring sites properly in ITMS.  Thjis will also require us to modify the shares that Altiris generates on site servers to enable the Branch Cache feature.  Can anyone think of potential concerns / problems with doing this?

    Before I embark on this experiment, I was curious if anyone has already tried this or if anyone is aware of a specific position Symantec has taken on this technology?


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hello folks, finally got my daily machine on Win7 64bit. pcAnywhere 11.5 wouldn't work so I ordered 12.5. Got that package and was excited. Loaded the software and it was 12.55. Ouch! It won't work with any prior version. I spent $200. I need 12.5. What do I do, I really don't want to spend any more. I've got 10 clients to support that have 11.5 loaded and I can't get to them.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Can the virtualized IE8 layer be used for internal sites only and then have IE 10 fully patches for all external sites? Thanks for your thoughts and your time. .


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Ghost32 11.5.1 on windows 7 64 computer. 

    Seagate Expansion desktop drive Model: SRD00F2. 2TB, 4k advanced format.

    Whenever I connect this usb hard drive, if I run the ghost32, it will stop working and crashes.

    Error message:

    Symantec ghost has stopped working

    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


    Inside windows event viewer, the error message shows

    Log Name:      Application
    Source:        Application Error
    Date:          4/8/2014 11:36:01 PM
    Event ID:      1000
    Task Category: (100)
    Level:         Error
    Keywords:      Classic
    User:          N/A
    Computer:      I-1121
    Faulting application name: ghost32.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4b338488
    Faulting module name: ghost32.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4b338488
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x001dc972
    Faulting process id: 0x1698
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cf53a4d1eba461
    Faulting application path: C:\Users\admin\Desktop\ghost32.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Users\admin\Desktop\ghost32.exe
    Report Id: 11d60251-bf98-11e3-a10a-d4bed9171282
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="Application Error" />
        <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2014-04-09T03:36:01.000000000Z" />
        <Security />


    I can use any other usb 512 sector size hard drive without any issue with ghost. 

    Please advise. thank you.

    Non, je n'ai pas besoin d'une solution (je partage des informations seulement)

    I had be searching for a report for this information and found several posts that had requested a report that showed Software licenses and the total # of Purchases, or licenses with purchase information.  Sometimes your boss just wants the whole list.

    So I did two things. The first report is Total number of Licenses owned and the Name of the License. 

    The second report I simply modified a canned report "Software License's Purchased Quantity" to show all software purchases and the licneses.

    Please be careful because I have not taken into account Borrowed or upgraded licenses which Symantec doesn't do very well in direct reporting. 

    I hope this helps some people out. 

    --All Software Licenses with Total Ordered counts

    SELECT     SUM(inv_software_purchase_details.Quantity) AS 'Total Purchases', re1.Name, ra.ParentResourceGuid AS _itemguid
    FROM         dbo.Inv_Software_Purchase_Details INNER JOIN
                          dbo.ResourceAssociation AS ra ON Inv_Software_Purchase_Details._ResourceGuid = ra.ChildResourceGuid INNER JOIN
                          dbo.vResourceEx AS re1 ON ra.ParentResourceGuid = re1.Guid
    WHERE     (ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid LIKE 'F7002A49-11A6-44EA-AF19-2E06632FF831')
    GROUP BY re1.Name, ra.ParentResourceGuid
    ORDER BY re1.Name


    --- All Software Licenses and purchases Detailed.

    declare @RAswLicenseToswPurchase uniqueidentifier
    set @RAswLicenseToswPurchase = 'f7002a49-11a6-44ea-af19-2e06632ff831'
    select distinct
        i.Guid as _ItemGuid,
        i.Name as [Software Purchase],
        spd.[Purchase Date],
    from  vSoftwareLicense sl
        join        ScopeMembership sm on sm.ResourceGuid = sl._ResourceGuid
        join        ResourceAssociation ra on sl._ResourceGuid = ra.ParentResourceGuid and ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = @RAswLicenseToswPurchase
        join        vItem i on ra.ChildResourceGuid = i.Guid
        left join    Inv_Software_Purchase_Details spd on ra.ChildResourceGuid = spd._ResourceGuid

    order by [Software Purchase]


  • 04/09/14--10:10: Uploading Pre Boot Drivers (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    We have 7.5 Client Management suite. Heavly use Ghost. I am uploaded some Winpe4 drives to the preboot. Done this before but havent had any issues until we started using X240. When I update the drivers in the preboot, it says uploading but goes on and on and never says finished. When I go to the following path in Altiris: c:\program files\altiris\Deployment\BDC\Bootwiz\platforms\Winpe\x86\Drivers\Custom\Driver

    I see the new folders created and info in there. Anyone see this issue and have any resolutions?



    Thank you,

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I have a workflow that creates a document and I would like for that document to automatically print as part of the workflow.  Is there a way to have workflow print that document to the default printer on the workflow server or a specified printer?

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi All,

    We are looking to get onto DS 6.9 SP6 from SP5, but likely need to do off-box migration to new hardware. Below are the current specs. Would anyone be so kind to please provide a recommendation for new hardware? I didn't come across any good recent articles for hardware sizing. Any other architectural thoughts someone would like to share would be greatly appreciated! Regarding DS 7.X, anybody love it enough yet that would convince me to switch from 6.9?

    8,500 endpoints (split 60%/30%/10% across sites within same city on fast WAN links)
    30 active Deployment Consoles

    Current Deployment Solution Server
    Dell PowerEdge 2950
    8 x E5430 @ 2.66GHz Proc (currently utilizing 1-10%)
    8 GB RAM (currently at 6 GB available)
    850 GB local disk for image and software data
    Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 Enterprise

    Current Database Server
    HP ProLiant DL380 G5
    2 x Proc (currently utilizing 5-50%)
    20 GB RAM (eXpress DB is using 6% of SQL memory buffer pool)
    275 GB local disk for database files
    Windows Server 2008 SP2 Standard x64

    Thanks for your help!

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I just received a few new DELL Latitude E7440 Laptops, and I am trying to create an image for them. I tried adding the drivers that I downloaded from DELL to the WinPE template, but it did not work.

    I have downloaded every imaginable driver and added it to the WinPE template, but still no luck. The drivers that come with the laptop are: Intel I2xx/825xx 10/100/1000 Ethernet Network Drivers.

    What can I do to make my laptop connect to my server?



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