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    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    Could someone help me with understandin what below error means. I've not found many information at forums.

    Best Regards

    "3/24/2014 6:20:02 AM","Unabled to load InventoryRuleResource 99551b67-49bb-4a53-b531-bcfeb132bd57. Check that the user has required permissions. Cannot compute rule hash
    **CEDUrlStart** :**CEDUrlEnd**

  • 03/24/14--05:47: Wake on Lan in ITMS 7.5 (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    What is the feature in ITMS 7.5 to enable wake on LAN systems...... In ITMS 7.1 there is Out of Band Management available but in Client Management Suite 7.5 I am not able to found Out of Band Management. Where we get this feataure and what are the pre-requisites.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Greetings -

    I am upgrading a double-handful of Windows XP computers.  After imaging one computer with a bootable Ghost USB I discovered the profile I copied over the network was corrupt.  Is there a tool, or does someone know a way, to attempt to recover any files left over on the WinXP portion?  The files from the profile I am attempting to recover were the last ones created.  I am hoping that the Ghosted Win7 is not going to overwrite all the files from the WinXP installation.  One issue I can think of is that the Win7 is using NTFS and WinXP using fat32.  The other one is that file fragmentation from the WinXP install may mean that some of the blocks of the files in the profile were within the scope of the Ghost Win7 image and have been overwritten.

    My hope is that the Ghost software did not reformat the drive but simply overwrote the blocks with the NTFS Win 7 image.  I know this doesn't make too much sense, but like I said, it's my hope.

    Tony -



  • 03/24/14--09:35: Copy file question (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Which agent is necessary for a 'Copy file' task to run? I see the 'Copy file' task in the Deployment and Migration grouping of tasks, which leads me to believe that we need the Deployment Solution plugin agent running on machines that we want to copy files to. Can anyone verify if this is correct?

    Since we have not begun using Deployment yet, we have not installed that agent, but some of our jobs do need the ability to copy files down, so any help would be appreciated.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I'm looking for an answer on the following:  What is the best way to install Office 2013 language packs, using policies with detection and applicability rules?  My scenario is the we have 30 sites, and support 16 languages. some site might have several languages in use and installed on a PC, and I have no way of saying with certainty, what languages are there.  I want to have the policy look at the PCs, and using an applicability rule, determine what languages are installed om them already, then use the detection rule to deply the required languages.  The only way I have found to to do this so far, is the have one policy for each language.  Then, based on what languages I think might be used at a particular site, enable those policies against that site. For example, if I wanted to do this for a site that speaks French, and Italian, I would have to create French and Italian packages.  Then create a policy to install French and a policy to install Italian.  I would then turn on both policies and let the applicability and detection rules do the rest.  I'd rather have one policy with multiple detection rules for every language that I could turn on for all sites.  Is there any option to do this?

  • 03/24/14--12:13: Setting up ITMS (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I am setting up ITMS in a virtual environment. Do I need a need a separate server set up as the notification server and a server with ITMS installed? Can ITMS be installed on the notification server? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has step-by-step instructions on how to set up a virtual test environment for deploying window 7 images, I would greatly appreciate a link to the instructions. Thanks.

  • 03/24/14--16:40: Sysprep Not Working - 7.5 (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I am not sure why sysprep isn't working or if something isn't correct, but I will start from the beginning and see if anyone can assist me.

    Our server was upgraded from 7.1 to 7.5 within the last two weeks or so.  After the upgrade, it appears we can't capture or deploy an image.  I am not sure why that is.

    I ended up trying to deploy an image, but I was getting a bunch of errors about the GUID being wrong or something, so I figured perhaps the upgrade messed things up with the image.  I then decided to capture an image.  I created a new job from scratch and ran the job against a PC.  The PC got the task and started to seem like it was going to sysprep.  When I went to check the computer after 30 minutes or so, there were no log files at all or any files in the sysprep folder or panther folder.  The sysprep.exe is there and the PC gets the unattend.xml file and the date is correct, but nothing else appears to be happening.  I see there is a log that is under the root of C:\ and it relates to the boot, I guess, but sysprep doesn't seem to be working.  Does anyone have any ideas why this would be happening?


    I am running Windows 7 ENT SP1 (x64).

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi Support,


    After configure as task server client going offline in Altiris 7.5.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    HI all,
    For one of our customers we have created custom UI based on Workflow Forms (Web).
    When user opens this form it is opnening via URL like this: http://wf/LCM21/Form.aspx?s=cmlp4EnAfU27joXol3G3zQ
    After a few minutes of inactivity (while user doesn't do anything in UI) user tries to refresh page with F5 and Workflow fails with error: "System.Exception: The dialog session named 'cmlp4EnAfU27joXol3G3zQ' was not found".
    It looks like Workflow (or IIS?) has some session lifetime limitations, so how (and where?) could I change this limit?

  • 03/25/14--02:30: Remote PXE install (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    We have some challenges with installing machines outside of the headquarters. When a machine is booting up at one our locations it is looking for a PXE job but doesn’t find any and continues to boot on other devices. All locations are connected directly through a MPLS and we do not have site servers on any of the locations.

    Everything is working perfectly within our headquarters so what needs to be configured so that we’re able to deploy through a MPLS connection?

    Kind regards,
    Nick Holm

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    hi guys

    i recently found out that our symantec anti virus server is using too much bandwith, a sepm is installed on the server and we havent started deploying clients yet and we have not been pulling updates from it but it uses too much bandwith more than the other severs we have. what could be the reason for this?

  • 03/25/14--05:34: Diagnostics pack for 7.5 (chan 3968102)
  • Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Hi all:

    I'm looking for the Diagnostics Pack for ITMS 7.5, for installing it on a desktop rather than in a NS.

    I get to this article: but it is up to 7.1

    Do you know where can I download the diagnostics pack for 7.5?


    Thanks in advance:



    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    Does someone know how to remove column in process info webpart ?

    I mean the column i've selected on screenshot:


    In this webpart I've selected only one column to be viewed...

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I will start by saying I have not yet begun to research this, so I am admiting up front I am clueless.


    Here is the situation:

    Using DS 6.9 SP6 I am running DiskPart and ImageX to deploy my Windows 7 image.  The process work wonderfully on a "traditional" single drive system.  The problem, we now have a one off laptop with a SSD/spinning platters hybrid drive and potentially more coming.  It seems as if the SSD portion comes up as drive 1 and the spinning platters drive 0.  My process blows away drive 0 then repartitions it before laying down the image.  Some guidance as to where to start so I can get the whole OS on the SSD drive would be appreciated.  I have a preference to not create a special image for this situation.


    Please let me know what other information you need to assist.


    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I get this error:


    An unknown exception was thrown.


    CAtrsException exception, error = "Failed to execute task", OS error = 2147746291, at line 363

    Does anyone how to fix this? 

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Can someone point me in the direction of what permission needs to be added to allow helpdesk techs to add computers to organizational groups?

    I assume security role manager is right place to do it - is it resources - highlight the organization group - then write permissions? or write resource data?  or am I in the wrong place entirely?

    This was working for techs before I had to redo permissions post 7.5 upgrade.  

    Thanks for any tips as always

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    I created a new VMWare image with Windows 7 on it.  I was able to install the Symantec Management Agent just fine.  I was even able to download the Deployment Automation Folder task, but it won't install it.  It will just download it and then afterwards disables it.  Any suggestions?

    I was able to install the Deployment Plug-in for Windows as well and that ran okay too.  Why would the Automation Folders task not want to install?

    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    Greetings all,

    I have a newly imaged machine running on Windows 7 O/S.

    Installed SMA with no issues, followed by deploying most plugins except for 3 that didn't get push down.

    - APP-Metering Services.

    - Inventory Agent

    - Power Scheme

    Looking at the logviewer, I get this error "Couldn't find underlying policy for resource".

    On the client machine and looking at the inventory plugin alone, NS logs shows that the plugin had been pushed down. Navigating to C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agents\Agents, I do not see the plugin there.

    Looking at the policy "All machines without inventory plugin", target client machine is not showing up as well.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance.

    P.S Running Altiris 7.1


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution


    Can we install Altiris 7.5 altiris agent manually into D or E drive.


    Oui, j'ai besoin d'une solution

    How to get schedulled scanned and not scanned systems report and email alerts, I cannot export report as number clients reporting to SEPM are 15000,

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